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CLATUU 360° by Jason

CLATUU 360° by D&A is a technique that freezes fat cells on areas of the body that are to be slimmed. The fat cells will be frozen briefly over 60 minutes where this temperature will gradually kill fat cells. These cells will begin to be excreted out of the body within 7-90 days (3 months). Patients will experience weight loss in targeted areas continuously over 3 months.

This fat reduction technique is a non-invasive procedure and unlike the standard liposuction. Of course, many have the opinion that exercise and dieting are better to reduce weight and gain muscles. However, fat cells freezing is a good alternative for people who are unable to slim down certain areas due to their work nature and lifestyle. The CLATUU 360° is a reliable and safe process that is very relaxing and painless.

D&A provides professional services and after a comprehensive explanation by the doctors and medical personnel, I am very convinced with their services and would entrust myself into their hands.

D&A Signature PRP Treatment

When my skin gets very dry, doctors would suggest the Signature PRP Treatment to me and I believe that PRP treatment is no stranger to us all. To be honest, I have a high pain tolerance but perhaps it is due to Dr Steve’s skilful techniques with needles that made me request for no anaesthesic on my face. Isn’t it just amazing?


After my PRP Treatment is completed, I would take a selfie and shared to my WhatsApp group of sisters. They would be shocked at how I look and ask for the filter or camera app that I used in my photo. The doctor provides treatments that are suitable for my skin condition and are less harmful that the acupuncture sessions that I usually go for.


Our D&A Signature PRP Treatment is catered for the following skin problems:

  • Allergic/Dry
  • Aging/Wrinkled
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Dull Skin
  • Skin Lacking Elasticity


The common skin booster treatments are only able to rehydrate the skin while our D&A Signature PRP Treatment can rehydrate, promote oil control, repair and stimulate collagen production!

In addition, those treatments usually required anaesthesic on the face but our D&A Signature PRP Treatment is a relaxing process and most customers do not require anaesthesic. There is minimal and balanced swelling, needle pores are unnoticeable and the skin repairs and regenerates itself in a short period.



A brand-new clinic and a brand-new name. I believe that their vision matches their belief and philosophy, which combines a doctor’s expertise with masterful art to create an artistic and beautiful concept.

Liu Yuan Yuan

TV Producer & Host

As a singer, I always have to stay up late to compose songs and produce music. Ever since I discovered D&A Clinic, their treatment has really improved my skin complexion completely. This has increased my confidence to be in the limelight!

I really like D&A Clinic . It is new, spacious and very comfortable, giving me a homey feeling. Hopefully, I can recommend more friends to come here. 



Every time I visit, the staff is very helpful. They always take care of us and their nurses are more concerned about our skin than we are! 

They will first do a professional skin assessment for me. Then, they will suggest ways on how to maintain good skin. I know that I always have the best skin condition after every visit to D&A Clinic.

As what the doctor told me, “Even if you are a director who always behind the scenes, you have to be the most handsome director!”


Host, Planner & Director

I am very satisfied with D&A Clinic and their staff.



Every time I come here; I feel so comfortable. There is no pressure at all!



Because they pay great attention to detail while being professional at all time, it makes me feel at ease like I’m at home.

Valyn Lim

Well-known Singaporean Travel Drafter

Regarding every procedure, the doctor will give me a thorough explanation. After listening, I am able to rely and trust in D&A’s service. 


Artist & Host





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