Laser treatment

Treating Acne and Acne Scars

One of the most common skin conditions, acne have long been a problem faced by the public. The severity of acne may vary, and there are multiple causes as well.

A local bacterial infection causes acne due to clogged pores, and though it is not life-threatening, acne can be extremely painful. Laser treatment can help to reduce pore size and reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Enlarged Facial Pores

Excessive sebum production is the leading cause of enlarged pores. Enlarged pores are usually present in people suffering from acne.

There are other factors such as hair follicle size, genetic factors, prolonged skin damage from sun exposure and ethnicity. Lasers can reduce and tighten pores.

Hair Removal

For laser hair removal, we can remove facial hair, body hair along the bikini line and armpit hair.

Our process is safe as it doesn’t harm the skin and removes hair effectively.

Uneven Complexion

Sunspots, freckles and melasma are some of the causes of uneven complexion. Freckles are small, brown spots that can be found on the face, forearms and back. They appear due to an increase in melanin after sun exposure. Melasma often appears as brown patches on areas including the cheeks, forehead, nose, upper lip and chin. The condition is genetically inherited and is affected by pregnancy and hormonal changes.

Our laser treatment targets the affected areas or melanin and rapidly breaks them down. With adjustable laser wavelengths, our procedures are effective and painless. At the targeted area, the skin becomes red and flaky. The pigmentation is removed along with the peeled off skin and the skin underneath is clear.


Notice some blemishes on your face?

Makeup will do the trick to cover them temporarily; but for the long term, our laser treatment is the solution! Asians are prone to hyperpigmentation due to long exposures to the sun because of the sunny climate.

The build-up of melanin in the skin causes hyperpigmentation. Melanocytes produce these pigments to protect our skin against inflammation, injuries and even as a protection mechanism against cancer.

Tattoo Removal

Our laser removal of tattoos works in that the laser will target the tattooed area and break down the ink pigments under the skin.

Cells in our body will break down the ink pigments and remove them by natural processes.

The laser will stimulate cells to regenerate and replace old cells. After the old skin has fallen off, new, smooth skin will be revealed.

Book a consultation session with our medical personnel, and they will provide you with a personalised skin assessment and examination. The evaluation will help our doctors to identify your skin condition and suitable treatment.



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