Body Contouring

CLATUU Fat Freezing Treatment

This non-invasive treatment is designed to remove stubborn fat deposits at unwanted regions of the body. This is done by an advanced and precise cooling device able to target fat cells accurately. With no surgical risks, most patients show effective results within 3 months after treatment without any scars or marks.

Post-Natal Care

New mums will be glad to hear that we offer treatments for striae reduction and skin tightening. This procedure is painless and helps mothers to restore their body’s form and elasticity prior to pregnancy.


This treatment is made with injections that can breakdown and dissolve unwanted fat deposits. The fat cells are broken down by the chemical substances, and the body then removes the fatty residues naturally.

Sineson Treatment

Sineson RF (radio frequency) uses infrared and bipolar radiofrequency to heat the dermal layer of the skin. The device tightens the skin and increases collagen production. This treatment results in wrinkle reduction and firmer skin.

We help boost your confidence with our safe and effective body contouring treatment.
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